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This ladder is commonly used for accessing the top manway, electronics, and the dome of the tank. The boarding rails serve as an “assist” for ladder egress and return. Generally speaking, the top rung height is the height of the flat on which the tank manway is located. Or, if the ladder is located somewhere other than the manway location, then the top rung is the same height as the top knuckle (top of straight side). Safety gates are available as an option in stainless steel, galvanized steel, and powder coated (yellow) steel for increased operator safety. Because intermediate brackets are not used on PE tanks, we provide “stiffeners” for our ladders when the length exceeds 72"

NOTE: Prior to fabrication of your ladder, we will need a drawing of the tank or the size and manufacturer - we will then submit a drawing for your approval.
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Product Number

Tank Height

Base Price

Request Quote
BR-96 N/A 6 to 8 ft $1,689.00 Request Quote
BR-120 N/A 8 to 10 ft $1,903.00 Request Quote
BR-144 N/A 10 to 12 ft $2,118.00 Request Quote
BR-168 N/A 12 to 14 ft $2,332.00 Request Quote
BR-192 N/A 14 to 16 ft $2,547.00 Request Quote
BR-216 N/A 16 to 18 ft $2,761.00 Request Quote
BR-240 N/A 18 to 20 ft $2,976.00 Request Quote
BR-264 N/A 20 to 22 ft $3,299.00 Request Quote
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