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    The 1ST STEP in selecting the side manway for your storage tank is to determine the proper materials of construction. Your selection will be based on compatibility of the manway components with the chemical(s) being stored. Our manways consist of three parts; the manway itself, the hardware used to mechanically attach the manway to the tank, and the gasketing which is utilized to seal the manway against the tank and to seal the attachment hardware on the inside of the tank. When you select the necessary combination of materials from the table below, you will be taken to the shopping cart screen.

    These heavy duty flanged side manways are designed to provide a long term solution to tank access requirements and include everything necessary for installation. The mounting saddle on these high performance manways is radiused to match the curvature of your tank, providing for an unmatched sealing capability. All manways can be made for small diameter tanks; just let us know your tank diameter.


      1. Avoid installing manways on sidewall offsets caused by mold parting lines
      2. Manways are easily installed using standard cutting and hand tools
      3. Verification of chemical compatibility is the responsibility of the purchaser
      4. If the wall thickness of your tank exceeds 1.75", order our 5" long mounting hardware (shown above) which are suitable for wall thicknesses up to 3", or call/email for a quote for longer Core-Bolts
      5. 304 stainless steel is our standard cover hardware for all manways regardless of mounting hardware

    * U.S. Patent no. 9,464,745 (issued Oct.11,2016) Large Diameter Fiberglass Tank Adapter