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Solutions to Optimize the Capabilities and
Performance of Your Rotationally Molded
Polyethylene Tank

  • TM Series Tank Mounted Exterior Pipe Supports

    Our High Performance TM Series Tank Mounted Pipe Supports are unique to the poly tank industry and offer the following features and benefits:

    • High integrity connection to the tank using a single Core-Bolt assembly (316LSS/titanium/C276)
    • Thoroughly corrosion resistant design (Alloy Core-Bolt/EPDM or Viton Gasket/PVC Saddle/SS Clamps)
    • Simple installation and maintenance
    • Our unique design allows for tank expansion and contraction
    • Shipment from inventory

  • HDTM Pipe Supports

    Our Heavy-Duty TM Tank Mounted Pipe Supports utilize a 2-piece "clamp-on saddle" and are used when supporting steel or stainless steel pipes or any time a greater level of security is required.

    These heavy-duty pipe supports are designed to provide an intelligent, high value solution to your pipe support requirements and each support kit includes everything necessary for installation.